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November 30

Roy Crumrine a cool Video topic would be your long time experience about your Fronius. I got mine for a while now couldn’t be happier. But here in Europe we have so many manufacturers… I would like to know how she compares to the US Market where are mainly two Manufacturers. Btw, your Instagram page seems dead / deleted

November 24

Brad Goodman
Would you maybe make a video about the Gas Lense vs collet body topic? That be awesome and a cool topic. I would love to hear your thoughts.

November 11

Cool to see vertical aluminum push pull mig welding. my setup is a Lincoln power mig 350 with Lincoln push pull gun..

November 03

I would be very interested to see some demonstration of aluminum stick welding. I’ve read a little about it.

October 31

I have had much education on the topic of inductance.
What is it and how to use it?

October 12

Use this channel to give our instructors ideas on what you'd like to see! We obviously can't meet every request, but it's super helpful to know what everyone is looking for so we can make adjustments and focus on important topics!