Dec 25 at 01:24 PM

Joey Collier would it be possible to get welderskills Merchandise to Germany? Maybe i can send some to Tristan Vos in Belgium also 💪🏻


Nov 30 at 01:51 PM

Roy Crumrine a cool Video topic would be your long time experience about your Fronius. I got mine for a while now couldn’t be happier. But here in Europe we have so many manufacturers… I would like to know how she compares to the US Market where are mainly two Manufacturers. Btw, your Instagram page seems dead / deleted

Nov 25 at 02:20 AM

There was a issue with the cooler, but nothing critical.

Nov 24 at 04:48 PM

Thank you, I appreciate your work!


Nov 24 at 02:46 PM

Brad Goodman
Would you maybe make a video about the Gas Lense vs collet body topic? That be awesome and a cool topic. I would love to hear your thoughts.



Nov 22 at 02:19 PM

I fully restorated this 12 Year old Fronius Magic Wave 2200 🥰 it will be a nice addition to my iWave and the other machines.


Nov 22 at 01:45 PM

The fronius coolant is really good. Just remember to check conductivety once a year