Brad Goodman

Jun 07 at 05:18 PM

Change to LaYZer tungsten and watch the difference.



May 31 at 08:43 PM

New Maxhine for the shop. Well it’s an 84 Model but I’m really excited to have it.


May 20 at 08:32 PM

It was awesome.

That’s exactly what that greying is. Hot tungsten attracts it and it sticks. Sometimes a simple buffing with scotchbrite and or fine sandpaper will do the trick as long as you take it back to good shiny tungsten. I always light up on a scrap piece before I start with a newly prepped tungsten to burn off any of the impurities caused by the grinding or polishing.


May 16 at 01:06 PM

Thank you Michael. Enjoyed the conversation.


May 03 at 02:42 PM

1 / 4
2 / 4
3 / 4
4 / 4

All done with the Primeweld 325X. If anyone is on the fence about a new machine, don’t pass on the Primeweld.


May 03 at 02:39 PM


May 02 at 09:04 AM

I wouldn’t say it’s harder, but what it does is teach you how to constantly watch your puddle , feed filler wire and adjust amperage constantly just due to the properties of Aluminum. There are a lot of different things going on at one time. I think it’s advantageous to learn Aluminum even if you don’t do very much of it at a production level. The skill set you will acquire is worth the effort and I feel like it transfers to other material types easily.

Apr 27 at 10:00 AM



Absolutely Thanks Martin.