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Brad Goodman


Oct 31 at 05:45 PM

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So as we’ve talked about many times, you never know what kind of machine you may be using on different jobs. Every machine is different and performs differently. These are a few that I’ve used here. So I had posted earlier about a critical build up job I had to do on a rotor shaft. Which of these machines would you have picked. Comment below and I’ll share the one I used.


Oct 31 at 05:38 PM

Watch for a video soon showing the welding repairs. It’s a process!!


Oct 31 at 05:35 PM

These iguana are just walking around this power plant like they own the place.


Oct 31 at 05:33 PM

Here I’m doing some very critical build up work on a Turbine shaft. Have a company in here that brought the part up to a 500 deg temperature for us. Had to let it heat soak for so many hrs and today I welded all the damaged parts. My interpass temperature couldn’t get over 650 deg so it’s been a long day of welding and waiting. Look for a video coming soon on this process with some very cool pics.