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October 02, 2023
• Edited (Oct 02, 2023)

I’m Joey, one of your WelderSkills admins and Jody’s sons. I’ve been learning to MIG weld with dad for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. You’ll hear from me a good bit in the future, but thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself using the new community feature.

I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff our members are going to post once we go live with the new platform. It’s gonna be a lot more fun around here for sure.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to all the members who have stuck with us through all of this, and for bearing with us as we migrate the WelderSkills service to something that will be a lot better!

October 26, 2023

I'm Jake, the worse-looking but bigger son of Jody. I'm taking welding on as a kind of auxiliary skill to go along with renovating vintage campers and RV's, as well as carpentry. My day job is marketing and design for Weldmonger, WelderSkills' sister company.

I'll be around! Good to meet yall!

November 25, 2023
• Edited (Nov 25, 2023)
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Hey dudes!!! My name is Kevin. My trade has been in NDT for the past 18 years. I been welding for funzies for a little over 3 years. I am playing around with welding as my main trade but I am not sure yet. I do some stuff for funzies right now . I bounce around different processes and materials. I love all the things welding. I am a welding nerd.I am working on my CWI now.

Stick is my favorite to do but I been digging in deep with the Dual sheild. I been able to run a .045 dual sheild in a 2F position with 3/8” steel and not get the LOF at the root, that dual shield gets in the 2F normally. I even been using dual sheild out on jobs lately. But it seems like I always have stick around just incase.

😅 I try to teach whoever will listen to me ramble about the welding things😅. I really took the bits to heart, where Jody talked about being a 5th grader teaching a 4th grader. I just do my best to help folks when I can.

March 07

Good day, all. A little about me. I have been welding professionally for about 14 years. I served in the US Marine Corps and did some maintenance welding off and on while active.

After a career of that I pursued my associate degree in welding and began welding professionally. I followed that with a Bachelor's degree and worked for some large manufacturers.

I moved from earth moving equipment manufacturing to aluminum work boats, such as police patrol boats, navy rescue boats, and passenger ferries. I am now working at a community college as a welding instructor and have recently began full time teaching with high school students at a skills center.

Just came across Welder Skills and thought I would see what it was about. I have watched Jody's content for about 9 years so this should be fun. Thanks. 

February 04
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Just joined the channel. I’m an old guy that decided I wanted to learn how to TIG weld. I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer who worked in machine design for over 30 years in the electronics industry. I’m always designing something usually for my motorcycles which got me interested in how to weld aluminum. I’m trying to get up the courage to weld up a seat tray I designed for one of the bikes I built. I’m slowly improving but am struggling a little with doing 14 Ga, especially outside corners with inconsistent gaps so advise would be appreciated 🤔

January 26
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New to tig welding .got a new tig ac dc inverter box from over seas it's got lots of features almost overwhelming I also have a 64 ford f100 swb that I 4linked and built a twin turbo 472 and now working on plumbing and have to learn aluminum and stanless

December 15, 2023

G'day all.
I am am Australian boilermaker apprentice, who mainly works with agricultural equipment manufacture and repair. I have been in the industry for about 3 years and have worked in the mining and automotive repair industries as well as agricultural in that time.

January 02
• Edited (Jan 06, 2024)
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Hello everybody!  👋

I just wanna make an introduction before I post anything else in this community. 

My name is Dennis and I live in Sweden 🇸🇪! I’ve been working as an welder for about 16-17 years now and primarily as a mig welder. 😬 I’ve been in a shop environment all my career and did spend about 14 years making hydraulic cylinders in a production, that learned me a lot even though production welding is boring I got really effective and did plan out my days really good. At the end I did all the planning for the welders and robots, I programmed the robots and I supervised everything that was welding relevant and helped making new products. (This just sounds fancy, it was a small company 😅)

I got bored really quick at the end and came in contact with another company so this is where I am today and also have been for the latest 3 years or something! I am welding biochar-boilers for a company in Germany now and I love this 😊 switching to this job really opened my eyes to just how little I know about welding and this is why I’m here at this site fellas 😅

These boilers are probably not that big for you guys but for me these are huge! 

Thanks for reading and for I will try to clean up this introduction so it’s a little easier to read, hopefully you can have some patience with me because English isn’t my native language 🙈

See ya 🇸🇪☺️

November 18, 2023
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Hello everybody, I work as a boilermaker servicing Various sites daily. My duties vary form Welding (multiple processes) to brazing, to masonry ( Refractory), to threading to fitting to plain old simple mechanical . I also spend a lot of time sharing Welding education with peers and my kids, as well teach a boilermaker apprenticeship program with NCCER.
WTT has always been a go to pointers, but now welderskills is triple up grade if not more with all the different collaborations.

August 24, 2023

Hello to WS members both new and current, use this channel to introduce yourself to the WelderSkills community. Tell us what kind of welding you do, how long you've been in the trade, where you're from, and what you'd like to learn from WelderSkills. This is a good way to find other members and instructors with similar interests, so you can follow each other and get the most out of your membership! Thanks for being a member!