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Jorge LLamas

Feb 14 at 11:38 PM

That's really nice and, when it say apex casted right on the body you gotta have it.

Feb 10 at 03:38 PM

Thanks JODY COLLIER just in time for a personal refresher. I have a Lil repair job coming up. Only it on Stainless I may have to dig though some videos .lol


Feb 07 at 08:31 PM

Thank you , I'm in now. On my phone it's a Lil tricky but I'm in now thanks.


Feb 07 at 08:18 PM

Is this session in progress? Can't log in.

Replied on post was deleted

Feb 05 at 05:51 PM

Thanks Joey Collier don't mind I just fooling around at the airport waiting for a flight, but them guys had really good content. I one has not heard it, i would looking it up.

Commented on post was deleted

Feb 05 at 05:44 PM

Where can I ask what happened to the podcast? The podcast was awesome.

Feb 03 at 01:01 PM

Get er done! $$$ @SAMHAGAN


Feb 02 at 07:22 PM

Pretty good size boiler.


Jan 30 at 12:12 AM

Thanks Joey Collier


Jan 27 at 10:59 PM

Thank you for that video all the functions on the I try nor to play with there I only think I know what the do. Would you ever consider a similar video on inductance with mig or even a pluse mig ? Is there even a suitcase welder that can do pluse mig?

Thanks in advanced, good videos?