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October 27
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Loving the new platform guys! Just figured I’d post up a couple of photos of my Grandfather’s AIRCO buzz box I just got from my Dad. I think it is circa 1960ish. Going to contact Miller and see if I can get a manual and a bit more information on it. Also going to teach myself how to stick with it. Starting out with 6011. If anyone has any experience with one of these I’d love to hear about it.

November 09

Shooting video at Georgia Northwestern Technical College with Dad (Jody). It's a high school welding competition with the one-and-only Matt Hayden leading the event. Judging in progress!

November 20
November 20

Hey guys I've been working on some 0.023 stainless this week and I was wondering if this is something you might be interested in for a video.
Let me know and I'll try to come up with something! 👊

October 30

Working on the next video

October 31

Watch for a video soon showing the welding repairs. It’s a process!!

October 31

These iguana are just walking around this power plant like they own the place.

October 31

Here I’m doing some very critical build up work on a Turbine shaft. Have a company in here that brought the part up to a 500 deg temperature for us. Had to let it heat soak for so many hrs and today I welded all the damaged parts. My interpass temperature couldn’t get over 650 deg so it’s been a long day of welding and waiting. Look for a video coming soon on this process with some very cool pics.

October 31

Hey everybody, I sent a notification out for Sam's latest video earlier today via the mobile app. If you saw it, can you let me know in this post? Just want to make sure that feature is working as intended... Happy Halloween!🎃