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Kevin Fox

Feb 02 at 10:30 PM

Charles Rush most of the time its your stick out dude. You need to be Further away with your stickout than say hardwire. The flux needs time to heat up and if you are to close you will trap surface porosity. You just need to go off the recommended stick out from the manufacturer. This can also happen if you are to far away as well.

Here is a youtube link with Jason Becker talking in more detail about this .

Jan 16 at 05:42 PM


JD Brewer I could not get a video to post on here. So I took some screen shots. Thats the gun angle I run on my 2F root passes with dual sheild. And If I do a multi pass 2F I run like a more normal gun angle. And again, I am not sure this is the main factor. I think going faster, staying on the leading edge , and making a smaller weld is whats helping with the .045 wire to fuse in a 2F weld.

Jan 16 at 05:32 PM


JD Brewer This has been the gun angle ish that I been trying to use , along with everything else I have typed out.

Jan 16 at 05:31 PM


this is how I explained my gun angle to someone else as well my dude. I used what I had at the time. I am not sure if this is the “main thing” , as I think just having .045 wire was the real ticket. And going faster while staying on the leading edge .

Jan 16 at 05:20 PM


JD Brewer This is an x ray that I did with some .035 2F and you can see the lack of fusion at the root . Its in the middle of the orange lines. Its the dark line in the middle.

Jan 16 at 05:18 PM


Jan 16 at 05:17 PM


Jan 16 at 05:17 PM


Jan 16 at 05:17 PM


Jan 16 at 05:16 PM