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November 25, 2023
• Edited (Nov 25, 2023)

Hey dudes!!! My name is Kevin. My trade has been in NDT for the past 18 years. I been welding for funzies for a little over 3 years. I am playing around with welding as my main trade but I am not sure yet. I do some stuff for funzies right now . I bounce around different processes and materials. I love all the things welding. I am a welding nerd.I am working on my CWI now.

Stick is my favorite to do but I been digging in deep with the Dual sheild. I been able to run a .045 dual sheild in a 2F position with 3/8” steel and not get the LOF at the root, that dual shield gets in the 2F normally. I even been using dual sheild out on jobs lately. But it seems like I always have stick around just incase.

😅 I try to teach whoever will listen to me ramble about the welding things😅. I really took the bits to heart, where Jody talked about being a 5th grader teaching a 4th grader. I just do my best to help folks when I can.