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February 19
February 09
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I wanted to share a very advanced technique I have been working on since I started tig welding.
Not everyone can do it, takes alot of focus to perfect.
I was working on a $1500 Gearbox and snapped a hex bit off flush in a fastener. Rather than scrap it.
Light up on it, let it heat cycle. About heat cycle number 3 let it start to puddle nice tight arc. Here's where things get real. Slam the pedal to the floor and simultaneously bury your tungsten in the bit. Immediately let off. Even if this doesn't work trust me you will find satisfaction. It just feels so right.
Loosen the collet body leaving the tungsten behind. Let things cool off and pull her out.
It's taken years of practice, lots of tungsten, trust me you too can do it!
I like to call this hail mary, sink or swim.

January 17

JD and Jody going live in about 30 minutes. Join link below:

February 01
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This is the housing of the boilers I am welding, I guess it’s a lot smaller than some other guys here are producing! ✌️

December 19, 2023
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January 12
January 11
January 10
December 22, 2023

Hey everyone, when leaving comments on videos, make sure to '@' the instructor so they get notified automatically. See the screenshot attached for more detail. Hope everyone has a great Christmas! We have some big plans for next year! 

October 31, 2023

These iguana are just walking around this power plant like they own the place.