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Matthew Chrisman

Waxahachie, TX, United States

Jan 16 at 11:59 PM

Very cool to see carbon arc gouging process demonstrated. I have gotten much practice with it during my time working on rail cars and, yes, it is an enjoyable process when you get the hang of it.


JD Brewer I started having hope when you tacked that first 2F coupon and ran that first pass. I began to wonder if it was the thinner gauge material tolerating those rods, but then you proceeded and all hopes were dashed. Just watching every arc was like witnessing some accident that you’re powerless to stop. Thanks again for the effort! It was clear you were really trying to give it a chance.

Really, this is confirming for me to never try this. If it’s aluminum and I can’t weld it with MIG or TIG, it ain’t getting welded. Might be better off using Gorilla Glue. Yikes. JD, thanks a whole lot for taking this on and demonstrating the frustration.

Oh man. JD, I think you may have gotten better results welding with the backend of a goose. That is torture. I feel like I drove you to it by requesting a video on it. Anyway, it made for very good laugh watching you try get that arc going. Man!

I will say you have definitely helped me see that I never want to weld aluminum stick. Wow!

Jan 08 at 04:46 PM

Greetings, Dennis! Very nice resume!

And your English is far better than some Americans I have been around in our line of work!


Right, I do recall now that you mentioned they were right out of the package, which would make moisture a concern. Thank you for clarifying.


Joey, I don’t see how to tag when commenting through the app on my phone.


Very good, helpful observations provided on this particular brand of 7018 rods. Thanks!

One question regarding the intermittent porosity (and it may be a bit of a goofy question): were the electrodes warmed beforehand? Of course, we use Excalibur 7018 at work, which are also kept in an oven, but it is also often that I will have them out of the oven for several hours and then weld with them without facing that problem, so it may actually be those particular rods.

Thanks for the video, Jody!

Replied on Aluminum SMAW

Dec 15 at 07:23 PM

JD Brewer great, man! Thanks for taking the time for this! I will look forward to seeing it. I am fully confident in some valuable takeaways.


Replied on Aluminum SMAW

Dec 14 at 08:52 PM

JD, thanks for the feedback questions. Mainly, I’m interested in simply seeing it in action. Suitable settings, arc characteristics, bead profiles, etc.

Also, I am looking to build a small awning along with some outdoor furniture, per spousal request, and have considered using aluminum so it would withstand permanent exposure to the Texas sun, wind, and storms here. I do not currently have aluminum MIG or TIG capability, but wondered about trying out aluminum stick for that project.