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Joey Collier

Smyrna, GA, United States

should be good now! sorry about that


Feb 07 at 08:30 PM

hey Jorge, yes, they're live right now. if the link isn't working you can just watch on the home page in the big featured area at the top of the screen.

That's awesome, man. Thanks for sharing


Replied on post was deleted

Feb 05 at 05:47 PM

Hi Jorge, the WT&T podcast ended because of logistics and scheduling issues between Jody, Roy, and Jonathan. For now, they're all doing their own thing, but we wish those guys the best! You're in the right place though if you're looking for long form discussions about welding. Hope to see you on the next one.

Jan 29 at 11:28 AM

tagging Matt Hayden so he sees your comment, Jorge