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February 23

Finaly made the core suport and layed my intercooler pipes and was able to do it just thinking I may try and make the pipes with less boots

January 27
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Been wanting a cart to store sheets of steel, and also get to with ease. Made it out 2" boiler tube and some 1/8 plate I had laying about. The wheels were also salvaged from the scrape bin, a piece of equipment was beening thrown out so I took the wheels from it.
The tubing was mitercut with the evolution saw "works good but hard to get the round miter cuts lined up for the perfect fit" also hard to get exact length". The sheet was with the slugger circ saw , fresh evolution blade was used since I tortured tested the original with half inch plate bevels. Saw works cool, straight cuts , no dust, no sparks. Chalk line work good to snap lines across the sheet try the blue powder level four.
Welded up the tubing with 6011 3/32 just because a had some. 85 Amp was too hot but did the job , honestly this was a hack job, but I'm happy it's done, it holding a ton of steel I had tucked away and I can easily roll it out now. For what it is it works fine 💪 .

January 19
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Just finished my tube roller stand build. A fun project!

January 14
• Edited (Jan 14, 2024)
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My buddy wrapped his 76 chevy around something on the road and ask if I could cut off the front end. I said cutting off the front end was no problem, aligning it back was a whole another story. Anyways after I had him pull as much parts out of the way, I was able to square off some lines, then useing an oxy-acetylene torch to chop off the front end. Preped all mating edges and tacked in a used front end from another truck. Frist try we found the door panels rubbed, so we Broke tacs off and trimmed mating end back 3/8 at a tapper a got better fit, er I think, its the first time lining up a car frame so I'm pretty happy with it.

November 22, 2023

I fully restorated this 12 Year old Fronius Magic Wave 2200 🥰 it will be a nice addition to my iWave and the other machines.

November 04, 2023
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Truck bed sides I built at work last week. Customer wanted aluminum for weight, so I got to TIG it all.  I've been using the Fireball Tool offset clamps a lot and I really like them. 

October 17, 2023

Let's see your projects! Start a post describing what you're working on and show some pics and videos! Let's help each other out with that build, repair,  or modification.  Credit to WelderSkills member Michael Kearsey for the idea!