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Johannes Ciobanica

Jan 23 at 01:48 AM

JD Brewer I hope so but I'm not that great with stick so it's gonna be pretty challenging 😅


Jan 22 at 05:12 PM

Great podcast! On my machine I can go in MMA mode and select AC with a bunch of dedicated settings like Hz etc and it can also pulse both from the machine or with the foot pedal. I might jump into the rabbit hole and give this aluminum stick welding a try as well 😁 on my other machine I have pretty much the same settings and a log time ago I tried some aluminum stick welding setting the machine on ac, it kinda "worked" better. I'm gonna try again with the new machine 🤞

Jan 02 at 01:45 PM

DZ Hey man Happy New Year! 👊🏻 For the CK24 torch I'm using the standard cups CK provides for this torch. They're not modified or osmo, it's just a line of dedicated cups for this small torch and they come in different sizes just like the regular ones. The cups I use more are the no 5 and the no 4 but I have some bigger ones as well just in chase I ever need them. If you're having trouble finding them send an email from the Weldmonger store and I think they can help you out. If you have any other questions feel free to ask 👍


Dec 02 at 06:07 AM

Thanks! It works like a charm everytime 👌


Dec 02 at 06:06 AM

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed the video! 👍


Replied on 0.023 stainless

Nov 01 at 03:01 PM

Thanks for the interest Bruce! The part has been purged of course. With such thin material you never want to take the risk of not purging. I just made an aluminum box for that with a big hole for the part to slip in until it hits the flange (the walls go down more under the flange, it's just not visible in this picture). It is then secured with an aluminum flange that slides on from the top. On the other side I just tape it. Harder to explain than actually doing it 😅 it's quite simple and works great, keeping the flange flat as well after welding.