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Dec 20 at 09:35 PM

Merry Christmas


Dec 20 at 09:34 PM

I use PPG  AUE 370 Paint.  I sprayed it with a 2.5mm HVLP gun.  On larger jobs I will use a piston pump style airless sprayer


Dec 12 at 09:30 AM

Glad you liked it. I have had a lot of farm stuff videos lately. I think a lot old guys that used to fix stuff retired around this area. Leaves more stuff to do.


Dec 12 at 09:27 AM

Never tried that. Sounds like it might be a good video.


Dec 12 at 09:26 AM

A lot of trucks are built this way. I think because it's easier to manufacture. It is a really bad idea as far as rust. A lot of trucks are destroyed because of this.


Dec 02 at 11:10 PM

I hope so.  It's been running for a couple of weeks now.


Nov 27 at 08:22 PM

Exactly.  It would cost more for me to have the part bent than to take the time to weld the c channel together.  Maybe not the case if I had a press brake, but you have to pay for the press brake.  The bend would have to cost something.


Nov 23 at 06:18 PM

Gouging tip!!!!


Nov 23 at 06:17 PM



Replied on 7018

Nov 18 at 12:13 AM

It's a big tractor rim.  I ground the crack probably 1/4 of an inch before welding